Pilates/Yoga/Movement Teachers, Coaches and Healthcare Professionals:

I know you want the best for your clients.
You want to see them thrive and live joyfully in their bodies,
feel better than they did 20 years ago and move like kids again.

It thrills you to see them feel better as they cook a meal,
drive to work, write an email or dig in the garden.

You want to give your clients powerful tools to integrate
better movement into their everyday activities.

I can help!

Keep reading, it's super simple to give your clients
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"Kristen's videos give you practical ways to 
build better movement habits into your life." 

"Kristen's videos are so helpful. They give you practical ways to practice every day and build better movement habits into your life. They are clear, easy to understand and feel very accessible like I could actually do the exercises. I'm very busy and it's great to have ways to stay fit while doing the things I do anyway. Imagine doing Pilates while you are sitting at your desk or gardening or walking. I've changed my walking habits and my back feels so much better. Thanks Kristen! Keep them coming."

Dr. Paul Porter, Professor, Sonoma State University 

"It really helped me keep in touch with my body on my road trip."

"I watched Kristen's video on Pilates in the car before I left on a road trip. This is the first trip I've take in over a year that I didn't have to make numersous stops to walk off the ache in my leg or back. I chose the exercises that I could do while driving without being distracted. It really helped keep me in touch with my body; doing pelvic tilts, activating the left leg by pressing into the floor, rolling my shoulders and toe tapping, etc. This was the most enjoyable trip I've had in a long time."

Karen Johnson, Champion Dog Trainer

If you're like me, you need all the help and support you can get. 
Earning passive income is a great option for increasing profitability
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You'll want to share this resource with your clients.  

Share your unique link to the course with your clients and you give them a valuable tool for taking Pilates home. When students learn to integrate better movement into the things they're already doing every day, they feel better and keep up with their Pilates practice more easily. Everyone wins. 

Accelerate your students' progress with
proven home practice support and application to daily tasks. 

Students hold on to the work better and longer when they practice at home in between studio sessions and classes. They'll see the results they're looking for and become more dedicated to their practice. You'll have a student for life!

Have an idea for a Pilates Home Practice course? I'm looking for partners. 

If you have expertise in applying Pilates principles to an activity outside the studio, if you're motivated and comfortable on camera, I want to talk to you. 

  • I'll be adding Pilates Posture Lab and  Pilates Walking workshop to the site soon. (Two courses I've run successfully in my Pilates studio for years.) I'm looking for partners to lend their creativity and technical savvy to a growing website with tons of opportunity for expansion and new ideas. 

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"This is the first time I've been able to walk upstairs with zero pain!"

"I've had searing pain in my hip everytime I stepped up since my fall seven years ago. With the help of Kristen's Pilates on the stairs video, it's the first time I've been able to walk upstairs with zero pain. I feel so free, I feel like I could fly!" 

Robin Melville

Join me! 
Support your Pilates students
and share in the profits
 at the same time. 

I know Pilates for your Life will help your students integrate
better movement into their day-to-day activities.
I look forward to showing them how.

No questions Asked
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason Pilates for your Life does not satisfy you in any way, simply let us know within 30 days from purchase and we'll automatically process your refund, no questions asked!